Medium format, 135 film & digital photography
This series is broken into 3 volumes & an epilogue.
trip c (continued)
October, 2011
Old Union Station to be scrubbed away. I remember old Union Station being rather scary to travel through. It felt like a medieval castle or a world war II bunker.
trip d 
December, 2011
Christmas morning 2011
There is that Toronto sunrise I love.
Christmas morning 2011
Christmas morning 2011
I was a Queen West kid & young adult.
Christmas morning 2011
Christmas morning 2011
Christmas morning 2011
Christmas morning 2011
trip e 
March, 2012
trip f 
April, 2012
trip g
July, 2012
trip h 
November, 2012
The Royal Winter Fair
A year before people started looking at their phones all the time.
trip i 
February, 2013
Waiting for the street car.
trip j 
April, 2014
Reg Hartt posters have been a part of Toronto for as long as I can remember.

The light in the Eaton Centre is just amazing.
04-20 2014
trip k 
July 2014
trip l 
November 2014
A quick trip for a wedding that I was asked to photograph.
trip m
June  2015
trip n 
August, 2015
This location ties into my photographs in volume 1, trip b along Queen West between Parkdale & Roncesvalles. This photograph reminds me of those times.
Kensington Market
August, 2015
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