My Creative & Spiritual Mantra is, CURATE + INSPIRE + TRANSFROM.
I curate my life with experiences, people, emotion, moments, & inspiration. 
I use this curation & inspiration to transform my life & others' lives around me. I am drawn to the concepts of moments in time & transformation & they play key roles in most of my work. 
What I curate & collect  connects me to Jesus, people, places, moments & fascinating objects all existing in this beautiful God given world of ours.
​​​​I love capturing & collecting these moments in my life because they serve as reminders of the presence of God, connections I've made as well as the emotions I've felt either in myself or in others when I was compelled to take the photograph. 
Sharing God's Work through my lens with people that appreciate what I see, really excites me. 
I am learning to understand that I use my Spiritual Christian eyes to take & collect photographs. 
Jesus speaks to me & leads me to capture a photograph whether it is of a still life, a beautiful landscape or something powerful or emotional seen on the street. I am learning to understand that I see God's Presence in & between everyone & everything; I want to photograph living & tangible examples of His Presence & His Work. 
I use scripture throughout my work as a way of identifying what I am feeling, hearing, sensing & seeing from Jesus all around me & in the moments photographed. 
Scripture from the Bible helps me position my photography in the Kingdom oriented light it was meant to be seen in. 
Using biblical scripture in conjunction with my work helps me continually study & remain connected to God's Word. It is a fun & fulfilling way to become more bible literate & practice reading the Bible on a regular basis. It also helps me understand my own work, emotions  & creative motivations better. 
Using scripture as a way to inform my photography is a form of SOAP practice; Scripture, Observation, Application & Prayer. My photographs are used in conjunction with 'Observation,' 'Application' & in part 'Prayer.' My images are a meditative reflection of the scripture provided. 
This practice also helps me present God's Word outwardly, using my photography as a reflective or meditative tool for myself & possibly others to use to connect to Jesus & to God.
To achieve this, I examine my emotional notes & the impetus for creating a photographic series, collection, or capturing a single photograph. I then study my work's synopsis, looking for themes, values & objectives & how they relate to The Word of Jesus & the lessons told in the Bible. I then meditate on what Jesus is saying to me through my photography. At this point, I delve into Scripture, reading, studying, & waiting for Jesus to connect the Word of God to me & the photographs I took. When He is ready, He presents the right verse, the right chapter & the right Word to pair with the image based on how I was feeling when I took the photograph. I often fuse my photography with my own personal notes, synopsis, reflections & even poetry with the scripture I've provided. 
This process allows me to connect to God & allows him to guide me to His Word though my practice & images. 
I encourage people to curate their own lives with what matters most to them. Hopefully the work of God & Jesus. 
I encourage people to simplify their existence, to live an emotionally connected life to Jesus, the others around them & to curate the people & objects that are reflections of these values & emotions.
Curate + Inspire + Transform
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