Such elegant power uplifting & strong. On this day I decided I wanted to try my hand at bird photography. I see it all over the place & really admire it but never really felt compelled to take a beautiful photograph of a bird before. I live about 20 minutes from the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary - we go there all the time but never with my camera - so Janet & I decided to make a day of it. In my head I knew the image I wanted but guessed it would never happen because of how fast birds move, especially their wings. I took about 200 hundred photos that day &  this was about the 5th photo I took. It was one of those moments I could see though my lens but decided that about a million things would prevent this photo from happening, mainly motion blur. It was the image that I had in my head but began managing my expectations. As I was photographing the other birds this image was sitting in the back of my head the entire time, wishing it into existence. I was so excited when I got home & developed this image. It was as I had intended, it was as I had imagined. It was a beautiful day & as a result we love feeding the birds on our property, as they remind us of our day at the bird sanctuary. 

Awards & Accomplishments
Winter Awards 2020, ViewBug
Featured in Cornwall Living Magazine (center page, full color)
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